Thursday, 10 March 2016

f@st3864 Telnet/Serial

Optus F@st3864 ( Sagemcom )

F@ST router Scripts And Information:
Serial / Uart / Exploits / Passwords / admin / unlock firmware:

this has information and files all relating this router including:
/Default Credentials / Root User Access /
/ Removing Passwords / Unlocking Firmware /
/Serial Port / Flash Information / Cfe Information /
/ Privilege Escalation / System Dump /

System dump also hosted here :


  1. Guys

    I had a little bit of hassle trying to get access to the config dump. None of the known optus passwords would work.

    However I finally had success dumping the config without having to enter user/pass by using:


  2. is the address of an array of D-Link and Netgear model routers, similar to

  3. If you get this i need a great amount of help with telnet
    I Have access but need help

  4. If anyone is here i could use help with telnet

  5. Puedes descargar y compartir el firmware sin marca?