Wednesday, 1 June 2016

F@ST 3864v1: dumping the filesys

F@ST 3864v1: dumping the filesys
 this is easily accomplished via cat:
#cat /dev/mtd0 > (either(/tmp/www/mtd.jpg)(/mnt/usb1_1)
 retrive the file via http://localhost/tmp/www/mtd.jpg
Via usb
Even Tftp

the rootFS.jffs2 is stored in mtd0 (this will include the cferam.000 file )
the rootFs_update is stored in mtd1
the data is stored in mtd2
the nvram is stored in mtd3
 you can use binwalk to extract the rootfs as long as you have installed jefferson(jffs2 libary)(

Now we can turn our focuses towards the bin contents and the lib functions..
stay tuned

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