Saturday, 8 July 2017

///ZTE mf65 Mode Switch(Updated)///

///ZTE mf65 Mode Switch///

this page is uploaded to any web dir:

Download this file:

Upload it to any directory and use it to switch thru modes via html

factory_mode">Download Mode(DIAG+AT+MODEM)
debug_mode">Debug Mode(RNDIS+DIAG+AT+MODEM)
work_mode">Work Mode(RNDIS)

 1. After you have selected and applyed the switch, check the page title for status, then refresh!

To return to default mode Send AT+ZCDRUN=9 Then AT+ZCDRUN=F to COM(X) ZTE NMEA Device

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  1. Hi, the page link is not working anymore... Can you share it again?